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Grain Handling Equipment in North-Western Ontario and Western Canada

As a grain farmer, you have a lot to manage. You have to oversee fertilization and cultivation to ensure maximum growth. You must supervise your staff and maintain financial records throughout the year. And you have to find ways to transport and sell your harvested crop at the end of each growing season.

You shouldn’t have to worry about equipment failure or replacement, too.

At K-Indu, we provide timely maintenance programs for grain handling equipment in North-Western Ontario and Western Canada. When you call on our team, you can count on us to ensure your equipment stays safe and fully operational. As a result, your facility won’t miss a beat in its production.

Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

As a family-owned business, we understand what your company needs to succeed on both a small and large scale. If you want us to supply, service, or install any of the following, just give us a call:


Belt, drag, and roller conveyors

Bucket elevators

Dust systems

Fans, coolers, and cyclones

Feed equipment

Grain grinders

Micro and tote systems

Oil and fat applicators

Pellet crumblers

Pellet roles

Rail and loading systems

Steam connections

Storage bins

Truck and ingredient calibrating scales

For your convenience, we let you determine how often we service your grain handling equipment in North-Western Ontario and Western Canada. If you wish, we can adjust the program to accommodate a bi-monthly, monthly, and annual schedule.