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Bin & Silo Cleaning Services – Keeping Your Product Flowing

When storage bins and silos are filled with products affecting and degrading the structural integrity of your facilities, serious safety concerns can arise. To help ensure your teams are safe on the job, K-Indu Ltd. offers bin and silo cleaning for agricultural and aggregate businesses throughout Western Canada.

We understand the unique material handling and flow problems that can arise when your storage bins and silos aren’t properly cleaned. These problems tend to severely impact your storage capacity, material quality and, subsequently, your bottom line.

Our Equipment Cleans All Bulk Materials

During the bin cleaning process, we use special equipment fitted with a dual-whip head. This allows for greater cleaning efficiency, able to clean out bins of various sizes and dimensions very well. Our cleaning system is effective for removing virtually any bulk material, including:






Soda ash








And more

The end result of our cleaning process is a bin that is ready once more to be utilized. Our equipment and experience allow us to not only clean your bins and silos, but also perform the additional service, repair and installation of equipment that may need attention after having been out of service for months or even years.

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Rely on K-Indu Ltd. for Effective Bin & Silo Cleaning

Rather than having your team perform a potentially dangerous manual entry of your storage bins and silos without proper training, you can rely on K-Indu Ltd. for effective bin and silo cleaning solutions. There are many reasons to choose our cleaning process, including:

Maintains longevity and structural integrity of bin

Utilizes and increases storage and inventory capacity

Less down time, resulting in larger profit margins

Increased efficiencies of associated mechanical components

Reclamation of material in bins

Reduced dockage due to rodents and insects

Increased safety margin

We are committed to ensuring a fast response to your inquiries. Our team will provide you with solutions unique to your facility, and our professional COR® certified staff is trained in all aspects of the work performed with a true focus on safety.