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Aggregate Equipment for North-Western Ontario and Western Canada

We’ve been a trusted source for millwrighting, welding, and aggregate equipment for North-Western Ontario and Western Canada since 1977. When you come to K-Indu, you can fully expect our staff to take the time to meet you, assess your company’s specific needs, and design a plan that best suits your industry.

Grain, Fertilizer Bin & Silo Cleaning

When storage bins and silos are filled with products affecting and degrading the structural integrity of your facilities, serious safety concerns can arise. To help ensure your teams are safe on the job, K-Indu Ltd. offers bin and silo cleaning for agricultural and aggregate businesses throughout North-Western Ontario and Western Canada.

Custom Welding in North-Western Ontario and Western Canada

When you work in the agricultural or aggregate industry, you need equipment you can trust. Your machinery has to stay strong on a regular basis. It needs to withstand harsh weather year round, and it must keep your employees as safe as possible..

So when a part breaks due to extreme conditions, or even everyday wear and tear, you need repairs that will not just correct the issue but extend the life of your machine.

Feed Processing Sales & Service in North-Western Ontario and Western Canada

We are leaders in North-Western Ontario and Western Canada when it comes to the feed processing industry. We not only supply and sell feed service equipment, our 24/7 maintenance can help you maintain any and all equipment.

Grain Handling Equipment in North-Western Ontario and Western Canada

As a grain farmer, you have a lot to manage. You have to oversee fertilization and cultivation to ensure maximum growth. You must supervise your staff and maintain financial records throughout the year. And you have to find ways to transport and sell your harvested crop at the end of each growing season.

Your Trusted Millwright Service in North-Western Ontario and Western Canada

As professionals in grain cleaning and feed processing, we understand that your total harvest depends a great deal on the tools you use. With the right cleaning equipment, you can process thousands of bushels per hour. With the right elevator, you can store your grain faster than ever. And with the right conveyer or auger, you can keep your grain moving at top speeds without worrying about contamination and capacity.